PayPal is a new donation payment option

PayPal is now an option through which to donate money to help send John Hertz to Japan to attend Nippon 2007.

The eddress is (spelled in what I understand is web spider email-address-collecting-baffling style), thus:

alanro at microsoft dot com

Why John Hertz?

The most common question asked of me during L.A.con IV was, of course, "Do we have to bring him back?"

You can donate money and specify that your donation be used only to send John _to_ the 2007 Worldcon.

The next most common question was "Why not a special one-off fan fund for me?"

Sorry, I do not think that I can manage more than one special one-off fan fund.

The least most common question was "John is a lawyer. Why does he need a fan fund?"

To which I replied, leaning forward and lowering my voice, "Maybe he's not a _good_ lawyer." On one of these occasions a third party rushed to John's defence, but not that of his profession: "Maybe John's an _honest_ lawyer.

If you are not sure you know John by sight, on the Google home page, click Images ~> type "John Hertz" ~> click the Google Search button.

John is the John Hertz wearing the propeller beanie and/or Regency area clothing.

Launching during LACon IV

John accepted my (Murray Moore's) offer to co-ordinate fund-raising so that John can attend the first Japanese Worldcon, Nippon 2007.

The fund is being launched this coming week during LACon IV.

Here is the text of the flyer:

~>No ballots to count <~


A One-Shot Special Trip Fund
To Send John to Nippon 2007

Propeller Beanie Wearer
Haiku Writer
Big Heart Award Recipient
Regency Dance Master of Ceremonies
Hugo Nominated Fan Writer
Editor of Vanamonde
Art Show Tour Co-ordinator

During LACon IV donations of cash and cheques can be given to John, and to Murray Moore. Or mail a cheque payable to Janice Murray to
Janice Murray, PO Box 75684 Seattle WA 98175-0684, United States

After Worldcon: and

Any unspent money will be donated equally to the DUFF, GUFF, and TAFF Fan Funds