sjhtn2007 (sjhtn2007) wrote,

Round 9 of the auction

Auction winners this round: David Reitz wins BeABOHEMA 3 and 5; David Kelleher wins Scythrop 22; Greg Hansford wins Energumen 16; Larry Bigman wins the Locus run. Auction income total: $484.

After the next round I will email to the winning bidders the record of who bought what at what price so all of you will know what you bought and how much you owe; how to pay for your fanzines; how to arrange to receive your fanzines.

Continuation of the auction after Corflu Quire is to be determined.

NO new items in this round.

Bids must be sent to this email address: sjhtnippon2007 AT yahoo DOT ca.

Rest of auction rules and auction info, see Round 1 posting.

In the previous round I forgot to change the 3 to 2 for this item.
B11 – [1] – ONE OFF 8, Easter 1980, 48 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: Great Britain. Edited by Dave Bridges.
Cover by D. West. Ted White likes Dave Bridges’s fanzine enough that he will pay money for an issue that he does not own. Ten pages by Bridges, plus a major article by D. West titled “Ah, Sweet Arrogance” of 20 pages, plus nine more pages by Bridges.
Randy Byers bids $10.00

end of Round 9 ----------------------------------------

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