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Round 8 of the auction

Auction winners this round: Mike Resnick wins Peon 22, 23, 26; Alistair Durie wins Peon 27, 31; Denny Lien wins Sticky Quarters 13; Robert Lichtman wins Fumetti Report Sept. 1982; Thomas Bull wins Holier Than Thou 20. Auction income total: $228 . Non-auction income: $1,500.

Last chance to bid on unbid-upon items, i.e. items with a [_] in place of [3].

NO new items in this round.

Bids must be sent to this email address: sjhtnippon2007 AT yahoo DOT ca.

Rest of auction rules and auction info, see Round 1 posting.

BeaABOHEMA 3, March 1968 includes a Piers Anthony article, “The Contest: A Confession” (three pages), and the first installment of his column, “Babble” (seven pages). BeABOHEMA 5, August 1969 includes Anthony’s “Babble” column (12 pages) plus a near-seven-page-long letter beginning “Dean Koontz’s column: I’m almost getting to like Dean, though I wouldn’t stoop so far as to kiss him. Might make him pregnant, you know. But I wonder at his reasoning.” The installment of Koontz’s SF movie column titled “Way Station” runs three pages in this issue.

L2 - [1] - BEABOHEMA 3, March 1968, 80 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Edited and copyright by Francis G. Lunney.
Cover by Jim McLeod. Back cover by Robert E. Gilbert. Beabohema began picking up speed with its third issue. “The Contest: A Confession” begins “In late 1962 I decided to end it all. All work, that is; I packed my wife off to earn my living, while I stayed home and wrote science fiction. The same time that I made my first sale, I joined a fan organization called NFFF (I was once informed the initials stood for National Funny Farm Federation), so my indoctrination as a neo-writer and neo-fan were simultaneous.” This a great True or False SF writer question: Piers Anthony was a member of the N3F. Answer: True. And there is more Anthony in BAB 3: a column titled Babble. Also the first installment of Leo P. Kelly’s column; an article by sometime Anthony novel collaborator Robert E. Margroff, co-writer with Anthony of The Ring; “First Impressions of Fandom” by Dale A. Goble, Jr.,; “Fandom’s Vocal Point,” fanzine reviews by Al Snider; Seth Dogramajian’s Bull Artist column which begins “First off, I would like to publicly make amends with Jack Gaughan about that business with Frazetta last issue.” The Ring is reviewed by Faith Lincoln. A Gaughan letter leads off the letter column; also a LoC from Bob Silverberg (still living in New York City).
Daniel Reitz bids $80.00

L3 – [1] - BEABOHEMA 5, August 1969, 110 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Edited and copyright by Francis G. Lunney.
Annish issue. A four page cover by Jim McLeod and Gabe Eisenstein, about Old Wave stalwart John J. Pierce and the New Wave. Back cover by Robert E. Gilbert. Dean Koontz contributes a column titled “Way Station” about movies. Also more “Babble” by Anthony, “Axe-Grindings: A Tribute to Truth” by Ron Smith; “A Feghooting” by Denny Lien; “Nobody Believes in Me” by Joe Hensley; “John J. Pierce and the 3rd Foundering” by Goble. More than 30 pages of letters, including an epic by Anthony, also Koontz, and James Blish.
Daniel Reitz bids $100

B8 – [1] – SCYTHROP 22, April 1971, 48 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: Australia. Edited by John Bangsund.
Cover by John Sandler. Contents include “The View In” by Ursula K. Le Guin; “My Life and Grimes” by A. Bertram Chandler; “Syncon 70” by John Foyster; “On and Off the Abomnibus” by John Brosnan; “The March of Mind” by Bangsund; “Plumbers of the Cosmos” by George Turner.
David Kelleher bids $5.00

G8 – [1] – ENERGUMEN 16, September 1981, 106 pages, heavy covers, mimeo. Country of Publication: Canada. Edited by Mike Glicksohn.
Susan Wood in memoriam issue, also 11th anniversary issue. Cover by Derek Parks-Carter; back cover by Joan Hanke-Woods. Interior art by Alicia Austin, Jim Barker, Harry Bell, Grant Canfield, Derek Carter, Phil Foglio, Jack Gaughan, C. Lee Healy, Jay Kinney, Tim Kirk, Jim Odbert, Bill Rotsler, Stu Shiffman, Dan Steffan, Joan Hanke-Woods. Contents: “Feedback From The Mike” by Mike Glicksohn; “Several Cents Worth” by Susan Wood; “Some Words from the Publisher” by Mike Glicksohn; “Notes for a Fanarkle” by Dave Locke’; “Thots While Lawn-Mowing” by Ted White; AutoClave GoH speech by Gene Wolfe; “Too Good for Pica” by Steve Leigh; “BoSH of Arabia” by Bob Shaw; “Thots While Swinging” by Bill Bowers; “At the Mountains of Mimeography” by Patrick Nielsen-Hayden; “An Informal History of Modern Science Fiction” by Joe Haldeman; “God and the Laundromat” by Mike Glicksohn; “The March of Mind” by John Bangsund; “Group Dynamics of Conventional Assembly” by Dave Langford; an Entropy Reprint, “The Fan Who Hated Quote Cards” by Terry Carry; “Kumquat May” column by Rosemary Ullyot; “The Fine Arts of Juggling and Computer Programming” by Ro Lutz-Nagey; “Back Page” by Susan Wood.
Greg Hansford bids $35.00

B11 – [3] – ONE OFF 8, Easter 1980, 48 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: Great Britain. Edited by Dave Bridges.
Cover by D. West. Ted White likes Dave Bridges’s fanzine enough that he will pay money for an issue that he does not own. Ten pages by Bridges, plus a major article by D. West titled “Ah, Sweet Arrogance” of 20 pages, plus nine more pages by Bridges.
Randy Byers bids $10.00

B12 – [1] – LOCUS 27-36, 53-71, 73-154, May 5, 1969 through Jan. 26, 1974, more than 120 issues, a pile five inches high, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Copyright Charlie Brown, and also some times Marsha Brown and some times Dena Brown.
Locus in its youth, trying to grow a beard and smoking a pipe to look cool; no colour ads from publishers but, occasionally, flyers; no slick paper and no photos of authors and book covers, but art by fans.
Locus 27’s cover heading is by Vera Heminger and cartoon by Jack Gaughan. Interior art by Tim Kirk, Richard Flinchbaugh, Dian Pelz, Bill Rotsler, Mike Symes, Eddie Jones. Eight pages plus the St. Louiscon 27th World S.F. Convention Hugo Nomination Ballot.
Skipping to the last issue in this lot, Locus 154 (12 pages plus flyers for International Star Trek Convention; Hyperion Press “23 CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION two flyer ad, Owlswick Press “The art of ROY G KRENKEL, HJMR Newslist Science Fiction Edition) has a large Tim Kirk drawing on the cover and a Jack Gaughan cartoon on the back page. Headings: CHARLES R. TANNER (obituary); MORE BY TOLKIEN; WORLDCON NEWS; EDITORIAL MEANDERINGS; MARKETS; WANTED; PEOPLE; BOOKS; SF BOOK CLUB SELECTIONS; BESTS OF THE YEAR; AWARD RECOMMENDATIONS 1973; CONVENTIONS; ORIGINAL ANTHOLOGY; LOCUS LOOKS AT BOOKS reviews by Dick Lupoff (two pages); Robert Silverberg and Baird Searles (two pages); Tony Lewis (one page); MAGAZINE CONTENTS; MISC. NOTES; MEDIA NOTES. From the headings you can see the swing away from fan news between 1969 and the start of 1974.
Larry Bigman bids $36.00

end of Round 8 ----------------------------------------

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