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Round 1 of online auction

As of Nov. 20, 2006: $1,120.00

I am using the convention-offered tour package as my guide. The cheapest Special Tour for World Science Fiction Convention Nippon 2007 (air fare from Los Angeles plus hotel room nights) is $1,550.00. That figure was as of Aug. 15, 2006. I expect the cost will be higher by the time John is able to buy his ticket.

Donations can be made via cheque and via PayPal. Cheques payable to Janice
Murray should be mailed to Janice Murray, PO Box 75684, Seattle WA 98175-0684, United States. PayPal donations should be sent to alanro AT Microsoft DOT com.

An online auction to increase the HANA bank balance begins here now. An auction also will be held during Corflu Quire, Feb. 9-11, Austin, Texas

To receive an email announcement of the start of each subsequent round of this online auction, send an email with the subject "Round Alert" to sjhtnippon2007 AT yahoo DOT ca. To offer items for auction, write to the same
email address.

Bidding is in U.S. dollars. Winning bidders will send their money to HANA Trip Fund Treasurer Janice Murray. The bidders will work out with the donors how the won auction items will be delivered to the winning bidders. As of
now the donated items are at two addresses in Canada and one address in the United States.

This auction is being conducted by Bowers Rules.

Bids must be sent to this email address: sjhtnippon2007 AT yahoo DOT ca.

Each item is preceded by an alphanumeric identifier, followed by [N] (for new item) and then the item specifics. Items will be listed a minimum of three rounds, the [N] changing to [3], then [2] and finally [1].

If a higher bid comes in prior to the next round, the counter is reset to [3], and the cycle begins again. I will announce items won as the auction progresses. The exception is items receiving no bids: such items will be designated with a [**] in subsequent listings and subject to being dropped at my whim before the three-round play-out. A minimum initial bid is given for each item. The first bid received prevails in the case of tied bids.

Please make and raise bids only in whole dollar increments. Postage is not included. I prefer that all bidders use the following format when placing a bid: Put each item bid on its own line, prefaced with the item number, followed by your name, and your bid, e.g. A3 Joe Fann $5.00.

The current high bidder, only, will be listed. No eBay-like "bid history" will be available.


Link to cover image included when available.

B1 - [3] - CRY OF THE NAMELESS No. 125, March 1959, 45 pages. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by the Busbys and Wally Weber.
This issue features contributions from Walt Willis ("The Sterling Fanzine," not in Bergeron's collected Willis collection), Ed Cox, John Berry, Les Gerber, Bruce Pelz and F. M. Busby (reviewing prozines as "Renfrew Pemberton"). The letter column, edited by Elinor Busby, includes Don Franson, Walt Willis, Archie Mercer, Len Moffatt, Bruce Pelz, Robert Lichtman, Boyd Raeburn, Es Adams, Jim Caughran, Bjo, and others. This copy originally sent to Charles Burbee, who no doubt created the small stain lower left of cover. Overall in very good condition.

C1 - [3] - OOPSLA! No. 27, May 1959, 24 pages. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Gregg Calkins.
Contributors include Bob Tucker, Ron Bennett, Dean Grennell, and Harry Warner Jr. The lettercol features Rich Elsberry, Es Adams, Djinn Faine, Len Moffatt, Bob Leman, Tom Reamy and Don Franson. Browning on cover appears to be from a book sitting on this copy, and otherwise this copy is near-mint.

B2 - [3] SKY HOOK No. 16, Winter 1952-53, 46 pages. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Redd Boggs, who also writes extensively.
Other contributors include David H. Keller, Poul Anderson (a short collaboration with John Chapman and Oliver Saari), Noel Loomis, Jack Speer, James Blish (as "William Atheling Jr."), Philip José Farmer, and even H. G. Wells (reprinted from Certain Personal Matters, 1898). The letter column includes Anthony Boucher, H. L. Gold, Ray Bradbury, Jack Vance, Ed Wood, and Sam Moskowitz. Slight browning on front cover (looks worse in scan), otherwise very good condition.

B3 - [3] - SKY HOOK No. 17, Spring 1953, 24 pages. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Redd Boggs, who writes at length including some FAPA mailing comments.
Contributors include Jack Speer ("Rising Standards," his classic article on fanzine publishing), "William Atheling Jr." and Lee Hoffman (poem). Letter writers include Fletcher Pratt, Poul Anderson, Ed Wood, Eric Frank Russell, Jack Speer, and Dean Grennell. Back cover detached, otherwise in excellent condition.

T1 - [3] - DNQ (a set), 28 April 1978 to Oct. 1983. Issued every three weeks
or monthly, mostly: 447 total pages. Country of Publication: Canada. Edited by Taral Wayne and Victoria Vayne. Cover by Taral; back cover by Marc Schirmeister.
Plus the associated issues of TYPO (DNQ letters of comment) plus DOWN WITH! 1 - 3. A pile of finely-mimeographed twiltone one and three-quarters inches high. Quantity and quality. Word association: you see the name Taral, you think fan artist. But Taral excelled also in other areas: mimeography is one of those areas. Both Taral and Victoria produced sharply printed, two- and three-colour issues. DNQ (the acronym of the fannish instruction do not quote) was the "newszine of quintessential faanishness" (issues 1 through 4); the "subjective faanish newsletter" (issues 5 through 9); a "subjective fit of extemporaneous faanishness (issue 11). Issue 12 announced DNQ to be the "unauthorized addenda to File 770. "POLICY...We do not attempt to give comprehensive coverage of fandom so much as hope to add another dimension to the services provided by other newszines. The exotic or outre or mythic properly belong in our pages, though we will never hesitate to stoop to vulgar scooping of more secular news if the opportunity presents itself. To be perfectly honest, we aim to please ourselves, and in so doing bring pleasure to other fans and friends who are our readers. If our editorial aim seems a trifle erratic, the purpose is the same. If we raise anticipation rather than dissatisfaction, we must be doing something right..." The final DNQ is a very fine 92-page genzine. Writers in the final DNQ are Rich Coad, Eric Mayer, Stu Shiffman, John Berry (column), Dave Langford, Taral, plus a Susan Wood reprint. Art by Marc Schirmeister (album), Barry Kent MacKay and Taral, Taral and Harry Bell, Taral, Terry Jeeves, Tom Foster/Ken Fletcher, Taral & August Dore. TYPO is the occasional collection of letters of comment about DNQ. DOWN WITH! is "Trivia and miscellany about the Derelicts and friends" in 1978. The Derelicts was a group of Toronto fans. One of Taral's few remaining sets: when else are you going to be able to own a set?
MINIMUM BID: $25!1.pdf!2.pdf!3.pdf

S1 - [3] - OPERATION FANTAST, Vol. 1 (New Series) No. 3, December, 1949, 16
pages, digest. Country of Publication: Great Britain. Edited by Capt. K. F. Slater.
Historically important British fanzine. Cover art by Peter Ridley. Fiction, "Recent British Books" by E.J. Carnell, "Science Review" by Ken Slater, "GENERAL CHUNTERING" by Slater, ads, one poem. The serious SF fanzine collector should have at least an example issue of OPERATION FANTAST.

T2 - [3] - SCIENCE FICTION NEWS LETTER 24, Mar. 1952, 16 pages, digest. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Bob Tucker.
Cover by Lee Hoffman. "The leading newspaper of the science fiction field" was edited bimonthly by Bob Tucker. Interior art by Hoffman, Richard Bergeron, Judy Tucker, and Chester A. Polk. This is Roger Sims's copy. "DUFFY WYG& AND $$ON" column by Tucker; "MAGAZINES" column; "FAN-NEWS ROUNDUP (Conventions & Confabs); BOOKS, BOOKS AND WRITERS; THE BIG BLOODSHOT EYE (Tape and Wire Recordings); THE FANTASY BOOKMAN by Darrell C. Richardson.

T3 - [3] - SCIENCE FICTION NEWS LETTER 25, May, 1952, 16 pages, digest. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Bob Tucker.
Cover by Lee Hoffman. "The leading newspaper of the science fiction field" was edited bimonthly by Bob Tucker. Interior art by Bergeron, Lee Hoffman, Chester A. Polk, and Harold Cheney. This is Roger Sims's copy. THE REPORTER (Do you read science fiction in the bathtub? answered by Gregg Calkins, Robert Bloch, Poul Anderson, Roy Cummings, Nancy Gerding, J.T. Oliver, Dick Ryan, Lynn Hickman, Richard Elsberry, Betty Sullivan, Don Ford, Walter Willis, Frank Robinson, Len Moffatt, Art Rapp, Ray Beam, Judy May. Also "MAGAZINES"; a review of movie Flight to Mars; "FAN-NEWS ROUNDUP (Conventions & Confabs); BOOKS; PEOPLE; LETTERS to the Editor.”

G1 - [3] - ALIEN CRITIC, THE 5, May 1973, 68 pages, digest. Country of Publication: USA. Sub-titled "an informal science fiction & fantasy journal." Edited by Richard E. Geis.
Cover by Tim Kirk. ALIEN CRITIC is Geis's SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW in all but name. GEIS switched to ALIEN CRITIC for a handful of issues and then returned to SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW. Articles are "An Interview with Fritz Leiber"; "A Flop by Any Other Name" (review of Vertex SF magazine) by Geis; "The Literary Dreamers" by James Blish; "Irvin Binkin Meets H.P. Lovecraft" by Jack Chalker. Also SF Notes; book reviews; books received. SPECULATIONS: "Sex, Orgasm & Technology" and "The Future of Baseball." Letters and a review of SF TV movie which begins "Last night's ABC 'science fiction' made-for-TV movie A COLD NIGHT'S DEATH was riveting from beginning to contemptible end."

G2 - [3] - ALIEN CRITIC, THE 6, August 1973, 80 pages, digest. Country of Publication: USA. Sub-titled "an informal science fiction & fantasy journal." Edited by Richard E. Geis.
Cover by Grant Canfield. ALIEN CRITIC is Geis's SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW in all but name. GEIS switched to ALIEN CRITIC for a handful of issues and then returned to SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW. "Alien Thoughts" by Geis; "The Trenchant Bludgeon" (column by Ted White); "An Interview with R.A. Lafferty"; "Translation from the Editorial" by Marion Z. Bradley. Also "The Alien's Archives"; "SF & Fantasy Notes"; "Of Special Note"; book reviews; letters. Interior art by Tim Kirk, Bill Rotsler, Mike Gilbert, David English, Jim McLeod.

P1 - [3] - ANVIL 52, October 1990, 44 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Charlotte Proctor and Richard Spann.
Cover by Cindy T. Riley. Many SF clubs produce a newsletter. A few club produce a fanzine. ANVIL was the Birmingham, Alabama SF Club's fine fanzine. Issue 52 is especially notable because of the Bob Shaw material. The Irish fan was a famous fan writer and speaker (he also wrote SF, e.g. "Light of Other Days"). Contents: "Charlotte's Web" (editorial by Charlotte); "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Dick Tracy" by Richard Gilliam; "Irish Fan visits Tennessee and Alabama" by Bob Shaw; "DeepSouthCon GoH Speech, June 9, 1990" by Shaw; "Life is But a Raffle" by Shaw; “The Old Ironmaster Looks at his own zine" column by Buck Coulson; “Fanzine Reviews” by Roy G. Bivens; “Mystery Review” by Buck Coulson; “Hugo Winners Reviewed” by Patrick J. Gibbs; “Interview with Tom Clancy” (yes, the Tom Clancy); letters.

L1 - [3] - BEABOHEMA 2, December 1968, 64 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Edited and copyright by Francis G. Lunney (pirates beware!).
Cover by Jim McLeod. Articles include "Convention Fanfare" by Leo P. Kelley; "Norman Spinrad: Innovator of the Horror Juvenile" by Will Bog; "Baycon Lack of Progress Report #5" by Dale A. Goble; "Bull Artist" by Seth Dogramajian; "Journey to the Unknown" by Robert Bloch; "Do Androids Snore While Dreaming of Electric Sheep?" by Faith Lincoln; "'I Fell Asleep in Poetry Class and'" by Jerry Kaufman. Letter writers include Spinrad, Lee Hoffman, Harry Warner, Redd Boggs, Ed Cox, Michael E. Dobson (same Dobson who is a member of this year's Corflu?); Faith Lincoln, Jack Gaughan, Piers Anthony, Ned Brooks.

O1- [3] - STILL LIFE 2, May 1985, 20 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: Great Britain. Edited by Simon Ounsley "who, to the relief of some of his readers, can't find his fancy daisy wheel."
Cover art by Jeanne Gomoll. Personal writing by Simon plus letters and Simon's long responses to said letters. Simon was a TAFF candidate at the time.

O2 - [3] - STILL LIFE 4, November 1986, 32 pages. Country: Great Britain. Edited by Simon Ounsley.
Cover by Lilian Edwards. Back cover by Nigel E. Richardson. Four cartoons by that British gem D. West. Featuring "Life with the Giraffes" if that helps you. Like issue 2, above, but more of it.

S2 - [3] - FANHISTORICA 4, December 1982, 52 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by JoeD Siclari.
Cover by Stu Shiffman. Back cover is a fabulous promotion, alas not in colour, for Nolacon by Hannes Bok. Fanhistorica is a wide ranging collection of reprints. "Fandom As A Way of Life?" by Alva Rogers (Fan Guest of Honor speech Westercon XV Banquet, 1962; "Fanoclasts" by Dick Lupoff (from bastion 3, spring 1962, Eric Bentcliffe); Tucker Hotel floor plans by "Bob Shaw et al" (two pages); part three of the reprinting of F. Towner Laney's epic memoir "Ah! Sweet Idiocy"; reprint of Tucker's Science Fiction News Letter 22 (October, 1951); "The RAY NELSON Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit."

C2 - [3] - CIPHER 5, December 1971, 22 pages, mimeo. Country of Publication: USA. Edited by Chris Couch.
Cover by Doug Lovenstein. Editorial; "The Then People” by Ray Nelson; "Bowl of Pipe Stories" by Doug Lovenstein; "Very Midsummer Madness" by Alice Sanvito; nine pages of letters by Will Straw, Earl Evers, Barry Smotroff, Roy Tackett, Dave Hulvey, Lane Lambert, Mike Glicksohn, Dave Burton, Aljo Svoboda, Rick Stooker, Greg Shaw. Interior art by Lovenstein, Steve Stiles, and Bill Kunkel.

S3 - [3] - EN GARDE 4, undated but circa 1968, 62 pages, mimeo interior. Country of Publication: USA . Edited by Richard Schultz.
Covers are Avengers TV show stills of Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg. "The Magazine concerned with quite a number of things, but primarily with that most watchable of telly shows, 'The Avengers', and its most elegant personalities, Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg." Editorial; "The Pretenders Last Case: or The Civil Service Has its Moments" a satire by Dave Studer; "The Avengers in Vinyl" record review by Hank Davis; "Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone" two articles translated from Bravo magazine by Stephen H. Lewis; "News & Notes"; letters from Avengers fans including Bob Toomey, Bob Vardeman, Harry Warner (long), Derek Carter, Bjo Trimble, and Graham Charnock.

End of Round 1. New fanzines for auction in Round 2. Either check back on Sunday, or get on the email notification list by emailing sjhtnippon2007 AT yahoo

Do you have a want list? Send your list to sjhtnippon2007 AT yahoo Maybe one or more of your wanted fanzines is available for auction.

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