sjhtn2007 (sjhtn2007) wrote,

Auction to raise money for HANA

Two auctions will be held to raise money to send John to the Japanese Worldcon.

An auction will be held in Februrary in Austin, Texas during Corflu Quire

And an online auction of fanzines, and possibly Other Stuff, will begin in November.

Donors to the online auction have two options:
* Send me a description of the donated items (saves your money). A winning bidder will send the money to HANA treasurer Janice Murray. I will give that winning bidder your contact information; the winning bidder and you will work out the cost to the winning bidder of receiving the auction item.
* Send me the donated items (saves your time). But before sending me auction items, I suggest that you tell me what you what to donate, especially if the donations are not fanzines.

Send all HANA email to sjhtnippon2007 at yahoo dot ca

HANA is Hertz Across to Nippon Alliance.
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